Marlena Morton, Founder


Speical thanks to the East Texas Food Bank for providing lunch and snacks for our kids.  We are grateful for their support!! Not only will our participates benefit from a fun and education course in math and reading but also a nutritious meal.    


Over the past year, Lufkin Parks & Recreation has graciously donated the use of Brandon Community Center for our various events.  We  would like to thank Lufkin Parks & Recreation for their continued support.  Last year, we were able to help fifteen kids in math and reading, many of them are still in our free mentoring and tutoring program.  This year we expect our numbers to double.  


We have yet to find sponsors for our summer program.    If you would like to help, please let  us know.  All donations are greatly appreciated.




I founded MTK after I read a startling statistic.  According to the National Summer Learning Association, “All young people experience learning losses [up to 30%] when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer.”  After learning this, I created an outreach program called Maintain the Knowledge! Refresher Course.  This past summer, every Monday for two hours, fourteen faithful kids (many I had to personally pick up) arrived to maintain their knowledge.  They played educational games while learning from each other (kids learn better from their peers - so I took advantage of this by allowing children in the higher grades to proudly showcase what they know to the lower grades).  It was something special.  Most of these children live in low-income housing and was happy to see me every Monday.  Unfortunately, many of the parents do not have transportation to bring their child and a few parents were reluctant to bring their children unless I picked them up, therefore, I picked them up for classes and fieldtrips.  My car doesn’t have a working AC but the kids never once complained!  They were just happy to have someone who cares!  Having a van will definitely benefit my outreach program.  Since August 8th, I have continued to keep in touch with these kids I have grown to love.  They call me wanting to come over since my home is a safe place.  Getting so many calls after the completion of the eight week course made me realize that what I started is a year round program, so I decided to do just that.  I invite “my kids” over for movie and popcorn, take them to the skating ranch and out to eat when the funds are available.  I also have promised to tutor them for free because their education is still my number one goal.







Bringing smiles, hope, and self-worth to the children of North Lufkin











Free homework assistance, tutoring, and mentoring 

MTK is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization